Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything

Author and blogger Phil Bolsta brings us a wonderful spiritual book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything. Phil is one of those highly motivated people who you just want to sit and talk with for hours...believe me. I met Phil right here in Santa Fe for dinner, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake... several hours later I was wondering where the time had gone and rapidly making a checklist of things I needed to explore in my mind.

Phil has been writing all sorts of fun things for quite some time, but Sixty Seconds is actually a collection of experiences from 45 different, powerful voices in this world. Think I'm kidding? Check out some of the contributors:

Christiane Northrup

Tom Gegax

Bernie Siegel

Kathryn Harwig

James Redfield

Robert Jaffe

Larry Julian

Don Jose Luis

Jim MacLaren

Dan Millman

Caroline Myss

Esther Sternberg

The book is divided into three sections:

Part 1: Glimpses into the Unknown
Part 2: Living Life
Part 3: Insightful Incidents

My Experience: Phil sent me a copy of his book for review and I've been carrying it around with me on all of my travels. When I have a few spare moments (!) I'll open it up to a random chapter and read... Yes, it really is one of those books. I feel like this book shows the commonality of experiences we humans is so easy to get caught up in our individual dramas, forgetting that even those successful, spiritual people we admire also have their fair share of events. The beauty, of course, is in how these people have chosen to view their experience.

  1. Book- Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything
  2. Price- $18.95 (or $14.21 through Amazon) OR $25 will get you an autographed copy if you email Phil directly.
  3. On the Map-Minneapolis, MN
  4. Email- Email Phil for more information or alerts on his book:
  5. Website- You can purchase through Amazon. Also see the "Official" Sixty Seconds Page or check out Phil's Blog for more information: Triumph of the Spirit

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Cat and Cauldron

The Cat and Cauldron is an online store featuring "The Magical Art of Thalia Took." Appealing to all those who might honor the goddesses and gods of present day, past and obscurity, The Cat and Cauldron brings the delightful artwork of Thalia to the mundane world of T-shirts, mugs, baby-wear, and other gifts. While I may make that sound ordinary, the unexpectedly masterful artwork of Thalia is really something to be proud to display. Her store has been in operation for 5 years and self describes like this:
Here you can find a variety of Goddess, Tarot, and other Pagan designs, including art from my Goddess Oracle Deck as well as other God, Tarot, and Goddess art on a variety of products including prints, posters, tile boxes, greeting and postcard sets, pillows, and about a zillion different kinds of t-shirt.
But, although the store makes gift-giving a cinch with organic shirts, cool mugs, practically every goddess you can think of, mousepads, have access to another very cool site featuring Thalia's artwork. A-Muse-ing Grace Gallery showcases Thalia's artwork, but also features an Obscure Goddess online directory and a new blog called Amused Grace.

Want to know more of Thalia beyond her two sites? Check out this interview I found. Here's an excerpt:
My advice for the whole entire world? As if they'd listen, but I'd say: Stop. Look around you. Get out of yourself; get outside of what you're used to doing, and look. If you really look at world and the way things are done, you will sooner or later see the tragic absurdity of so very much of it. When you can see that, you can stop contributing to it. And then you can actually do something beneficial.
My Experience:
Thalia Took is a purist when it comes to her artwork, but because I live in a town of artists, I tend to think that just means she's highly talented.
I have found that I absolutely
have to be inspired to create my art;
I think this makes it more likely to be a
true face of the Divine.
Since I haven't actually seen her work up close, I can only marvel at the online versions of her artwork.

  1. Store- The Cat and Cauldron
  2. Price- Variable depending on the product
  3. Website-
  4. Email-
  5. On the Map-New England

My Spiritual Profile

Who doesn't like knowing about how forces came together in themselves? Here's a fun little mash-up of different spiritual "ologies" for you to sample for free and then buy a full report for $3.99 if you are interested. The site describes the service this way:
With so many websites about astrology readings and profiles, it's difficult to make a difference. offers an easy, nice and insightful summary of your spiritual profile and personal characteristics. It's not just one sign, we use astrology, numerology, colorology and whatever 'ology' you can think of, to create a quick report of your signs, like Western or Chinese Zodiac, Element, Celtic Tree, Color, Season and so on.
The reading comes back fast and allows you to click through for a little description on what these items mean.

My Experience: This was a really fun program, and although I didn't order the full report, I had a really good time looking up everyone I know. You simply enter your first name and birth date and Presto! You have results! The only problem I had was with the drop down menus for birthdays. They didn't want to stick have to move your mouse over the numbers and then they will stay.

I think this is something fun to try and for $3.99 not a bad buy if you are looking for a profile. Please do comment if you have bought this and let us know what you think of the full report.

  1. Service- Spiritual Profile Online Service that combines several different "ologies" into one report.
  2. Price-Free to sample and $3.99 to buy full report
  3. Website-
  4. 4. Email- There is a contact form on the site, although if you scout a bit you'll find the developers site too.
  5. 5. On the Map- This is an online service only, although the developer might be in Scotland?

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ark Bookstore

The Ark is one of those places that you might want to do ALL of your holiday shopping at. The online store is packed with lots of interesting items such as singing bowls, Thai, Bali and Hindu statues, gongs, Books, and Tarot. The music section is large, although you can't listen to a preview online. Each day the Ark offers 20% off of a selected item.

My Experience:
The Ark has a physical location in Santa Fe, NM with an energy of calm and peace. As an 8 room house converted to store, each corner, crevice and wall is filled. The focus tends to be books and music, but there is a nice selection of Tarot, crystals and jewelry, singing bowls and gongs, incense and Buddhist items.

My favorite thing to do in the Ark is to browse the used book section for something that jumps out at me. This section covers about 4 walls and shrinks or grows with the season. Unfortunately, used books are not offered on the website.


1. Service-Bookstore
2. Price-Variable
3. Website-
4. Email-Contact info on website
5. On the Map-133 Romero, Santa Fe, NM

Monday, October 27, 2008

Visions by Sheena

This store has no online presence, which goes against the tenants I had set out, but I thought that perhaps, I'd modify them somewhat. If you just happen to be in the downtown Monterey area, this store has a lovely selection of crystals, bath salts and some oils. There was a room set aside for readings: Visions by Sheena and Readings by Angela.

My Experience:
I did not get to experience anything but the store, which is small, and contains a typical variety of metaphysical trinkets. The store itself seemed to cater more to the Monterey tourist or gift shopper than a hardcore metaphysical looker. I also know nothing about the readings performed either by Angela or Sheena, but had the lucky chance to meet Angela in the store. She was manning the front desk and seemed young and sweet and gave me a nifty pen! If you have more information on the store or readings, please leave a comment or rate the store below.


1. Service- Store
2. Price-Variable
3. Website-NONE
4. Phone-831-655-2273
5. On the Map-345 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA 93940

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Intuitive Email Readings by Kim Wencl

I've been seeing Kim Wencl pop up in the Blogosphere for some time now and am pleased to introduce her to you as not just a blogger, but an intuitive reader. Kim has been doing readings for almost 3 years and I sense that for her, it is a vital part of her own, personal journey. If you want to get to know Kim, her inspirations and passions, stop by her blog, Love Lives On which she started in mid-2007.

Kim graduated from Kathryn Harwig's Intuitive Mastery Classes in 2005 and has been a practicing Intuitive/Medium ever since. From Kim:
I want people to know that everyone has the ability to be intuitive ... everyone is ... they just don't take the time to realize it or to study it, or work on it ... but it's there in each of us. My intuitive abilities were honed as a direct result of losing my oldest daughter in 2003. I found Kathryn Harwig, an internationally renowned psychic and author. Kathryn helped me first to deal with my daughter's death and know that she was fine and that she would still be a part of my life. In 2005 I took Intuitive Mastery Classes from Kathryn. My hope was that I could learn to communicate with my daughter on my own.

I did learn to do that ... but I also learned that I was able to get information for other people ... and not only information but also I was able to communicate with others on the other side of the veil and pass on information to their loved ones.

It was totally unexpected ... but it was undeniably true. Once I realized how valuable this gift could be to help others I was on board and have done readings for 3 years. Of course, I don't always get it right ... but I do what I can and I always ask God to help me.
My Experience with Kim's Readings:
Kim was kind enough to give me a personal reading so I could experience what she does.
Her readings are conducted by email, so I emailed her my question:
I decided to do a 10-day fast a few weeks ago (I have done these for
years) but this fast ended after 5 days due to chest pain I was having.
Could you offer me some insight into where that chest pain came
from, or
what it was pointing out for me?
I expected a response after perhaps a day. I had her intuitive response
within a half-hour in my inbox-

My sense is that the chest pains you were experiencing were very
but it wasn't a physical reaction you were having from
the fast.
In fact, that entire weekend had been amazingly emotional and turbulent
on many, many levels. What is interesting, is that while I had personally
invested some time into exploring where this odd chest pain had come
from, I had no real solution to the puzzle. Kim offered me a completely
new point of view-
It feels more like an emotional reaction but the emotions were not
your emotions ... they were from someone else close to you who you
picked up on and they were manifesting themselves to you.
A nice thing about this emailed reading was that Kim broke her response
into 3 parts: Her reading, a suggestion on how to respond to this
situation, and a place I can look to find more information. To me,
this is invaluable information if I want to explore avenues of healing.

She also offers to answer my questions on her reading, which I
particularly like. This is not just a "here's my answer and see
ya" kind of deal. Kim interacts very consciously with her
clients. Many thanks, Kim, for the thought-provoking reading!

  1. Service- Intuitive email readings
  2. Price-$20 per emailed question. Payments can be made via Paypal or check.
  3. Website-See her blog at for general info on Kim. No real marketing website (yet!).
  4. Email-
  5. On the Map-Owatonna, Minnesota

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome to the Spiritual Farmer's Market!

For this blog, I'd like to define a spiritual market as any online site selling a product(s) or service(s) or physical store with a website that sells a product(s) or service(s) relating to the "spiritual" world. And, even though I say "online" I'm willing to slide completely from that to accommodate great spiritual markets by the not-so-technical. If you have read my other blog, Spiritual Blog Reviews, then you probably know that I have a very open mind when it comes to applying the label "spiritual", so please submit your sites!

Also, since I am not omnipresent, I would hope that if you have experienced a particular service, product, or store (that is not your own) and you would like to share with the readers here that you volunteer to be a reviewer! Let's spread the word! I ask that you follow the format in my reviews to include a basic description, your experience and the specifics.

If you have an item or service to sell and would like to see it on this site, please email me the information. Include when possible:
  1. What you are selling- Be specific! If you want a good review from me, be sure to include as many details as you can! If possible, include something specific that you want people to know about you and your product/service.
  2. Category- Whether your item is a product or a service, I would like to know which subcategory you think it should go in (ex-books, healing, massage, artwork...etc).
  3. Pictures- Essential for products and services alike as people tend to be visually oriented. If you do not have a picture for a service, consider sending one of yourself.
  4. Background- Give us some history on your product- why did you choose to sell it. What is unique about your situation and how it relates to your product. If this is a service, be sure to include why you believe you are qualified to perform this service.
  5. Time- How long have you been selling this product/service?
  6. Website- Where can people go to check out your product/service/store?
  7. Pricing- If you do not have set pricing, please specify a range or contributors to the price. Also, how do you receive payment?
  8. Physical Location- I will include a map of stores and services, so if you would like to be on the map, please give me an address.
OPTIONAL: If you are confident in your service or product and would like a plug from me, contact me about a personal evaluation. While I will offer this service for free, I would also expect to receive your product or service for free too. This is, of course, entirely optional, but may give you more credibility in the eyes of the readers!

Remember, this site is designed to serve as a continuing reference for those seeking spiritual goods and services. If you discontinue your product or service, please let me know! Likewise, if pricing or product information changes, I will need to update your review.

I wish you the best with your ventures!